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Week Two Of Writing Internship: From Zombies To Boy Bands

It was a long week, seeing as how it's now next week. What? Yeah, I don't know. WHAT THERE WHO TODAY ARE BECAUSE RAD SURE, MEOW!

  • I thought yesterday was Monday, and it was Tuesday. My editor was understanding.
  • As was my boss when I called into work last night delirious off of the flu bug.

The writing is going well.

  • Everything else is a whole bunch of crazy that I cannot yet rant about.
  • But could potentially leave me with an assault charge, if not jail time.
  • No, not jail time. I'm too white and educated and female. And white.

Here is my week in articles:



Survival Tips For The Last Childless Singleton



Feminists Vs Zombies



Support For Women After Miscarriage

 (Dedicated to Liz)



The Castration Club: My Introduction To Feminism

(This article won me the spot of #1 intern of the week. Not really, but it was the most popular article of the week. Gotta celebrate the little achievements.



Beyoncé And Her Boy Band



(photo via Rescue For Life)

Women And Animal Rescue:

Why Women Are Animal Lovers