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The Week the Matrix Glitched: a ‘WTF?’ Exploration of the Boston Marathon Bombing Aftermath

April 15 & 16, 2013 (Day1 & 2)

Critical gears churned across the internet following news of the Boston Marathon Bombing. In the air of government distrust, independents gathered and conducted their own research, an effort largely motivated by eye witness reports of bomb squad agents and bomb sniffing dogs prior to the detonations, as well as announcements informing the public they were conducting a training exercise and to “not be alarmed.” Mentions of pre-attack ‘drills’ have become an immediate red flag for those who analyze these events and their after-effects. The 2005 London Bombings, 9/11, the Aurora shooting, and the Sandy Hook shooting all coincided with pre-attack drills. It is theorized that if these incidents were, indeed, orchestrated false flags, or there were prior knowledge or allowance of them, the conduction of a drill would enable agents to dodge interference by legitimate, low-level law enforcement/ security, and would pose as a cover if those involved were to be busted in the act.

Side note: Does the notion of a false flag sound radical? Tinfoil hat-ish? Something devised by a paranoid, basement dweller? Or an internet-forum cult leader? Or someone like me who engages in conversation with her cats?

Not so much. Hitler was cool with false flags, and it’s been declassified that the American government cozies up with them, as well. Interested? Research. Here is a one-stop mash-up highlighting a historical overview of some of the U.S. government’s shady dealings. The only reason the possibility of false flags remains stigmatized as some delusional, conspiracy theory is because governments want it that way. For obvious reasons.

Corporate media pointed its finger at ‘right wing extremists’. Another terminology that arose was ‘home grown terrorists’ and ‘domestic terrorists’ (language is key to black propaganda and the intentional shift of social mentality and socio-political atmosphere). This profile was predicted by some resistors and alternative media due to its synchronicity with the seemingly incremental, socio-political agenda of the elite, which has been demonstrating an intensifying focus on power and control over the American people: demonizing and dividing, criminalizing non-compliance, stripping civil liberties under the guise of safety and security, and seemingly prepping for war conditions on their own soil. The stereotype of the right wing extremist is commonly defined by pro gun rights and sits in juxtaposition to the American government’s current goal to bureaucratize, if not completely erode civilian gun ownership. It’s those who are resisting gun control and questioning the elite’s intentions who have become the raging hemorrhoids on the government’s ass.

Side note: An example of how the government can manipulate the concept of terrorism and choke out resistance to their agenda can be seen in the U.S.’s build-up of pro-gun libertarians as terrorists among a climate of heated gun debate, meanwhile, Canada’s terrorism finger has shifted towards activists and environmentalists who are resisting the government’s  environmental sell out.

Individuals and alternative media outlets began posting, sharing, and analyzing photos from civilians who attended the marathon and images surfaced of what appeared to be contracted, black operatives wearing black backpacks and geared with communicative devices.The FBI offered no information regarding these figures.

It later surfaced through media commentary that these characters were most likelymembers of the National Guard Civil Support Team (CST) who are “specially trained and equipped to detect and respond to chemical, biological, or radiological incidents.”

The suspicion of these characters being “covert” could have been minimized by the fact they were dressed in an identifiable uniform, and at least one seemed to be wearing some sort of security identification tag. However, this exploration by Minority of One that was published on the forum Minority Report states, “their presence does lend credence to the idea that authorities may have had prior intelligence of a possible bombing, or were in fact holding a drill that day.” It’s also worthy to note that despite the presence of Guardsmen who were specially trained in the detection of terrorist attacks that go ‘boom’, it’s alleged that a couple dudes still managed to blow shit up via unsophisticated means and methods. It’s hard to say whether that’s shady, or just embarrassing. It did, however ‘out’ the notion that selling civil liberties in exchange for police-state surveillance and security truly is nothing more than a circle-jerk facade.

While scrolling through comment feeds on alternative media, I noticed this comment from an anonymous poster:

I work on a security commission and I’ve just received word to start campaigning on a campaign we’ve been working on for the last two months and now it all makes sense.

I’ll keep it as short as i can.

They’re going to pin this event on a male late teens to early 20s and say he did it because he’s unstable. They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home. They are going to say he used reloading powder for the explosion and that reloading powder shouldn’t be for sale to the public. They are then going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you buy should be limited and taxed to help pay for these events.

I can’t do anything or I’ll lose my job and possibly face criminal charges. Please don’t let them get away with it. They wont find the suspect till later this week and the raid is issued to occour on Friday. This was a staged event. The people hurt are real but the event was planned. Don’t let them hurt our rights.

Two years ago I couldn’t imagine myself copying the text from a comment and saving it to a word document, but now that I realized I was existing within a Lynchian dream sequence, it seemed like a good idea to take note of everything. And apparently I wasn’t the only one. A day or so later the news reported the following:

Senator to Propose Bill Regulating Black Powder in Wake of Boston Massacre

Then came the Saudi Suspect, later identified as Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, who had been at the site of one of the detonations and hospitalized. He had his home aggressively searched before being upgraded from suspect status, to witness, to victim, and was visited by Michelle Obaminator at the hospital.


Meanwhile, the Obaminator was having a convenient ‘chance meeting’ with the Saudi Foreign Minister and Saudi Ambassador to talk about Syria. It was later verified that the Saudi suspect had been flagged on the FBI’s terrorist watch list, and it was reported he would be deported out of the U.S. on “national security grounds.” On April 22, 2013, Glenn Beck did a whored-up with anticipation show outing the U.S. government for running a disinformation campaign (what would give him that idea?!) and being in bed with Saudi Arabia and terrorist organizations – which seemed verystating the obvious. He also claimed there is documented evidence that Alharbi was actually charged with a ‘3B’, and then on Wednesday that charge was retracted. Later on it would also be reported there is documentation that Alharbi had past visits to the White House.



Side note: Like they say, it’s who your father knows and who your mother blows.


April 17, 2013 (Day 3)

I was at work when I saw a report on CNN that an arrest had been made. At this point the internet was swelling with skepticism. Big media took shots at Alex Jones of Infowars, the most prominent figure in what the mainstream blankets ‘right-wing conspiracy theory’. More sluff-offs would come as the days passed, like Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano publicly dismissing Drudge Reports, or big media labeling and patronizing resistors as ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Side note: The mere fact that politicians and big media are publicly acknowledging resistant voices, who they’re insinuating to be, if not outwardly labeling as delusional and intellectually void conspiracy theorists, demonstrates that the super powers perceive this kind of speculation and critical analysis as a threat. I assume with time these mockerous sluff-offs will descend into aggressive demonization.

I sent a text message stating, “an arrest has been made,” and a few minutes later I received the reply, “they’re saying no arrest has been made,” in which I replied, “WTF?” I went back online, and sure enough, CNN and other popular news sources had retracted their statement.

Meanwhile at the freak show, the Boston Courthouse was evacuated due to a bomb threat. THURPRISE! An anchor reporting live stated:

“Homeland Security and armed U.S. Marshals were patrolling the court house before the bomb threat, then the Boston bomb squad, fire engines, and more police descended on the federal court house, all playing out before hundreds of media waiting to see if the Boston bomber would be brought here, and then this: a silver van with a U.S, Marshals’ emblem arrived going directly to the back entrance of the court house. Word that a court room was being prepared added to speculation that the bombing suspect would be arraigned, but no official confirmation ever came. As the crowd grew restless, the sound of Amazing Grace wafted through the air. A bag piper appeared serenading the wary crowd. ”


Side note: Did CNN fumble the ball within the game of reality-TV style, live coverage and drop false reports? Did decision makers relinquish their original game plan and move on to another ‘script’? Was CNN insider information old, and no longer relevant by the time they plastered headlines that there had been an arrest?

April 18, 2013 (Day 4)

I woke up to the news that the FBI had released photos of two suspects who were sorta-kinda-dark-skinned and of Russian decent. Then I was taunted by the comment, “thought you had it all figured out– thought it was going to be a right-wing extremist, hmmm?” It seemed that the common voice of resistors had been discredited. At this point I was pretty solid in my belief that this incident, and the aftermath that was playing out before the public, had originated from a smoldering pile of bullshit, but this threw me off– not in the sense that my tin foil hat had failed me, but in the these fuckers are good sense.

The FBI released photos and Big Brother footage of the two suspects and asked for the public’s assistance in identifying them.


The clip above is interesting. In the footage of the suspects there is a dude with a blurred face tucked into the building’s door frame, fidgeting with an ear piece while the suspects pass. Second, the FBI special agent states, “for clarity, these images should be the only ones the public should view to assist – other photos should not be deemed credible.”

Welcome to the anti-thesis of a legitimate investigation.

Lets say the FBI did have footage of Suspect 2 dropping a bag at one of the bombs sites, and lets say Suspect 2’s back pack was the same color as the backpacks that housed the exploding pressure cooker bombs (which it wasn’t), what would be the chance that these two men worked alone? How, at this point in the investigation, could they conclude that they did work alone when they hadn’t even ID’ed them yet? Wouldn’t they want to gather further intelligence, regardless of whether they thought they had their guys?


Side note: *faux vomiting sound*


Reddit users began speculating that Suspect 2 could be a Brown University student named Sunil Tripathi who went missing on March 16th. Today (April 25, 2013) news broke that Tripathi’s body has been found in waters off India Point Park in Providence Rhode Island.


Side note: I have no idea.


Late that night, new reports began to flood my feed about shots being fired on MIT campus. I didn’t think much of it in regards to the bombing and figured it was anotheroutside of the ghetto gun incident that would be used to add momentum to the gun control agenda. I went to bed.


Side note: The mind-fuck had only just begun.

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