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Smoke and Mirrors and Guns . . . and a Totalitarian Police State?: State of the Union Address 2013

The Hope-nosis Continues

On February 12th was the Obaminator’s fifth State of the Union Address since joining the Masters of the Universe, and it played out like Kumbayah on a left handed guitar. The mesmerizing hope-nosis of B.O.’s smoke and mirrors took me back to his first round of presidency, when I, and many others, buzzed on the prospect of change, not only for the U.S., but also for the countries that are both directly and indirectly affected by the American hegemony (which covers pretty much all of us).

But the change that has materialized, and continues to materialize is not the change sold to the American people by the Obaminator, which is no surprise. We now acknowledge that many of these political figures are merely puppets who are bought and owned. Instead, the change has sprouted from the stagnant pile of shit that sits smoldering in the heat, shrouded beneath an empiric veil; it’s the change that is stemming from the increasing number of people who are awakening to the growing stench of bullshit.

B.O.’s speech seemed to follow two themes, I) The government is your sugar daddy and we care, II) We need to control you and infringe on your rights to keep you safe from “threats”– a common model of mind-massage used to foster social control.


B.O.’s Key Points and Related Links

1. Tax reform: We care.

2. Immigration reform: Open arms.

3. Federally funded pre-school and education reform: We Care.

4. The development of sustainable sources of energy: We care.

5. Raising the minimum wage: We care.

6. Jobs: Change. Hope. Change. Hope. Change. Hope.

7. Troops out of Afghanistan by 2014: You’re welcome. And by the way . . .

8. Cyber-security: We’ll protect you from threats against America. And your neighbours. And yourselves.

9. Gun Control: We’ll protect you from your neighbours and yourselves.

The Obaminator wrapped up his State of the Union speech by revisiting the issue of gun control asĀ  cameras panned to the dozens of strategically placed victims of gun violence who sat in attendance. The wafting aroma of shit came from the hypocrisies behind Obama’s demand for tighter gun control.

Like providing Mexican Drug Lords with semi-automatic weapons under the gun-running operation, Fast and Furious:

And of course, this:

And this:


Looking Deeper Down the Barrel

Evidence suggests that the American government doesn’t actually care about the killing of innocent civilians (children included), and that evidence is in their systemic, on going actions.

If we take basic, human morality out of the equation, or value for human life, where does that position the American government in this resurgence of the gun debate? Are they truly attempting to validate the democratic voice of the people? To ease public fear and restore a sense of “justice”? On the flip side, the American people are passionate of their Second Amendment (which was put in place to empower civilians to potentially organize and defend themselves if the government were to become tyrannical), and backlash from pro-gunners is strong.

But the true reason why this push for gun control smells like bullshit is the government orchestrated, augmental descend into a fascist, police state.

Sound dramatic? According to history, it’s not. The above article by Naomi Wolf, which is a synopsis of her book End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, offers a starting point to understanding what the freak-out is about, and it was also adapted into a documentary that is accessible on youtube.

The tightening of gun control was predicted prior to Aurora or Sandy Hook because it is as an incremental piece to the government’s on going agenda to gradually “close” American society, one freedom at a time, under the gentle guise of protecting people from some threat. If the government is at the point where it’s gearing up potentially weaponized drones to surveil everyday, American civilians, disarming the civilians is a given, and it’s the patternized predictability of this shit that is becoming truly, fucking terrifying.

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