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We Can All Sleep Soundly Now: Bad, Bad Girl, Fiona Apple Arrested For Felony Drug Charge (Eye Roll)

Last Wednesday Fiona Apple was outted by a sniffer dog for possession of marijuana and hash at a border stop in Texas. Apparently Texas law considers hashish possession of any amount a third degree felony, which means Fiona could do up to ten years in prison (Texas . . . lol). Of course she won’t, because she’s a famous white person, but still, it’s the principle of the thing. And that principle is stupidity. Actually, it’s class warfare, but stupidity sounds more succinct.

The news segment below is an American perspective on why the War on Drugs has reached the magnitude of stupidity where it is no longer debated among reasonable people– yes, I pulled that statement from the statistical data in my own mind. This consensus can be construed as a positive awakening, but it can also demonstrate how disconnected our governments are from the “democratic” voice of the people. And by disconnected, what I really mean is selling us out to fulfill their own agendas.

“It is not a public safety campaign. Any public safety (surrounding) taking a drug dealer off the street is completely eliminated by the fact that you’re encouraging his competition to move in with violence.” -Mike Riggs, Associate Editor Reason Magazine

As discussed in the video, the War on Drugs may cost the people billions, but it is incredibly profitable to certain industries– industries which, for the most part, make capitalist dealings with governments to serve their own interests. Mike Riggs’ mention of the drug testing industry resonated with a backwards phenomenon we see here in Alberta, Canada, where some who are susceptible to random drug testing will substitute marijuana use with cocaine use due to its speedy exit from the body.

It can be concluded that the War on Drugs:

a) Buries the deeper issues surrounding drug abuse
b) Empowers the criminal market (including global drug cartels– oops, sorry Mexico)
c) Nurtures violence and crime
d) In some circumstances, feeds citizens propagandic myths to serve white-collar agendas
e) Interferes with the prevention of some diseases
f) Criminalizes every day, Joe Schmos
g) Inhibits people from freely relieving themselves from chronic pain and illness by medicating with certain drugs, such as marijuana and shrooms
h) May be inhibiting the fight against cancer
g) May prolong the release of Apple’s next album from her usual five year wait to a ten year wait
But the War on Drugs isn’t all grey skies and upside down smiles. If the naughty drugs were legalized and regulated, their street market value would decrease, which means drug production/ drug dealing would turn into a hobby venture, like knitting, and would no longer be an income-generating back up plan.

It’s not all bad, right?

Cue old school Kanye!

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