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Steve From Fort McMurray

A few days ago, I was so uggghh! at life that as I sat on the toilet to take a piddle with my power-butch, Carhartt work pants around my ankles, I developed scrunchy face and had a good cry, which is impressive considering I usually have stone face, where the only thing that incites dampness from my tear ducts is sad animals, sad babies, and the thought of my parents dying (while being sad). Later in the day when I arrived home from running errands, I looked in the mirror and realized that I had been mingling among the public with ashy, mascara-induced tear stains all over my then re-composed stone face.

Those days happen though, at least to me, when I get tired of all the bullshit and require a (somewhat forced) emotional release that usually ends up making me look like the kind of woman who posts images of kitty/unicorn hybrids on a blog. It's easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of life, and the unanswerable questions we impose on the lord, like why are those so many douche bags in the world, Raptor Jesus?, but sometimes those same things that weigh on our souls can bring us joy.

Via mockery.

That being said, I bring you Steve Who Works At Site, which appears to be the masterpiece of some Fort Mac boys looking to blow off a little steam, and is some of the best Alberta related comic relief I've enjoyed since Fubar II. While this series of Xtranormal cartoons may not be meaningful, or even make sense to those who haven't experienced Alberta oil culture, or more specifically, those who haven't lived or worked up in Fort McMurray, for those of us who have: LOL.



"If you have a nice rack, like to do blow in the Digger's bathroom, and like men with a big wallet, give me a shout-- I work at site."


"I have to catch my Diversified bus to the site so I can make a difference by driving around in fucking circles."


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