My name is Lojo. This is my website where I middle finger salute popular culture, political hegemony, and the systems that sell us out, and where I sexually objectify Ryan Gosling.

I am a thirty year old, semi-anarchistic, working class raconteur who lives in an urban oil town in Alberta, Canada. My life is like a HBO version of a Seinfeld episode cross bred with an episode of Corner Gas– I am originally from Saskatchewan, after all.

I moved to Alberta in 2005 after finishing my degree in Sociology. In 2006 I did freelance work for print publications around Central, Alberta and in 2011 was a contributor to the feminist magazine, Morning Quickie. I enjoy the arts, Cat Fancy magazine, challenging conventionality, and “shit-disturbing.” I hope to someday live in a sea can home with a backyard catio.

I welcome you to crack a beer with me, bump chests, and join in on the discussion.

Contact Information:

I am always interested in freelance opportunities. If you would like to contact me regarding a freelance gig, PR request, general inquiry, proposition to become BFFs, or you would like to send me hate mail, you can reach me by email at lojomanifesto at gmail dot com.

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