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What is Pansexuality?

The issue of sexuality or sexual orientation has come to the forefront of discussions related to sex as a number of new categories have risen up in recent times. A person’s sexual orientation can be described as categorizing what kind of people a person is attracted to sexually. Whereas in the past only heterosexuality was positively identified amongst a majority of people, there has been a growing acceptance of other types of sexuality as a result of individuals in these categories fighting for their right to be included as part and parcel of today’s modern society. The gay community for example, was previously legally barred from getting married in a large number of countries, but this has slowly changed as legislations have been passed that redefine the meaning of marriage (which was previously classified as the unification between a man and a woman), allowing for people of the same gender to participate in a matrimonial relationship.

Definition of Pansexuality

Pansexuality can be described as the sexual attraction to another individual regardless of their biological sex or gender identity. This kind of sexuality does not discriminate with regard to an individual’s identification, and simply focuses on the person in question. This is to say that it looks past the traditional forms of sexual classifications that have been provided in a bid to describe an individual’s sex, gender identity, and/or sexual preferences.

It has been argued that pansexuality is simply a broader version of bisexuality, but this is not exactly the case. Whereas bisexuality in its simplest definition deals with the two main genders present (that is, male and female), pansexuality opens the door to a wider scope of these genders, allowing one to include transgender, androgynous and intersex individuals in the mix. There are people who may not strictly identify with any of the two main genders proffered, and as such find it hard to classify themselves into any of the traditional categories that were previously developed for such identification.

What does it mean to be Pansexual?

Identifying as a pansexual individual simply means that one is able to look past the traditional male and female roles that have been afforded to society, delving into deeper and more defined categories that have recently been made available.

It should be noted that a pansexual individual can still be attracted to people who are classified under the traditional male and female roles, and do not limit themselves to the newer categories that have recently come up.