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Did PwC spend LADWP money on prostitutes and escorts in Las Vegas?

As it was announced by abc7.com, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is filing a lawsuit against Price Water Coppers a firm that they hired to roll out their utility billing system. The LADWP (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power) claims the company intentionally overbilled them, but that is not the surprising party. Wait until you hear where they say the money was spent.

Price Water Coopers has gone ahead to say all claims against them are false, and they never spent a single dollar from LADWP that was not duly earned and any claims of them doing so are wrong. Back in 2015, the LADWP originally sued the firm accusing them of mismanaging the billing system that led to most customers being overcharged and other not being charged at all. The billing system was done back in 2013, but now they are planning to add new charges claiming of conspiracy and fraud. The LADWP claims money stolen from them by the company was used to pay for escorts and lavish bachelor parties in Las Vegas.

Well, these seem to be very serious allegations. The LADWP has gone to the extent of showing how the money was used to pay for these lavish parties and women in Las Vegas. Las Vegas for a long time has being known and remains to be the city of choice for party lovers. DWP officials alleged that money from their company was used to pay for escorts and prostitutes in Las Vegas. They also claim lavish bachelor parties held by the PWC officials who masterminded the fraud used the money to pay for several bachelor parties that they organized. In the court documents, the claims are put that the money was spent on staying in lavish hotels, partying and requesting for the expensive bottle service.

The DWP allegations go on to say how the person who masterminded the whole fraud talked proudly of what they were planning to do. Speaking to his fellow co-conspirators, he says “we are going to cover much of this trip from LADWP money.” They say he openly talked about his conspiracy and intentions to his fellow partners. These are very serious allegations, and we can expect a big battle in court in the coming months as two big companies lock horns to prove each other wrong. Las Vegas is widely known for lavish lifestyles where men pay thousands of dollars a night just to have a good time and have women by their side.

However, the attorney for PWC Daniel Thomasch has come out to deny all these allegations. Daniel has claimed the lawsuit has no merit to stand in court just like the original lawsuit. The DWP billing system did have some very serious flaws that led to some customers being hugely billed while leaving others without any bills. The highly inflated bills led to most customers filling a class action lawsuit last year to ask for compensation. The city did agree to pay out $44 million to cover for the lawsuit for the customers who had being overcharged.

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